About B & D Chemical

B and D Chemical, Inc. was started in 2004 by Brandon Grubbs and Darrell Haag of Cullom, Illinois.

Located in the heart of Illinois’ corn and soybean production area, B and D Chemical specializes in agriculture chemical sales, liquid fertilizers, and agronomy.

Darrell and Brandon have 50 cumulative years of experience in the chemical and application business and are always attempting to stay on top of the current market with a large knowledge base and expert resources.

  • Competitive Pricing

    B & D Chemical is able to provide very competitive pricing with buying power, created by the sheer volume that goes out the door.

  • Rebates & Support

    We participate in most manufacturer's retail programs, giving you access to manufacturer's rebates and support. We also offer many generic products that may fit your farming operations.

  • Solutions

    B & D Chemical, Inc. covers a significant geography which allows us to gather experience and solutions to many problrms before they arise in the immediate trade area.